You can earn $3 credit for every friend you invite to Enhancv. Once each friend is verified you can use that credit against your next payment.

  • Use the invite link to refer your friends

  • Your friend should then registers & verifies their email address

  • There is no limit to the number of friends and amount of earned credit you can accumulate

  • A notification bar will appear on your account confirming when a friend has verified their account. 

  • $3 earned credit is then available to be used 

Step 1: Invite a friend

Step 2:
Receiving a notification (you can refresh the browser page)

Step 3: Apply your credit from the Invite Friends page or directly on the Payment page

Credit used can only be applied to your next billing cycle. You can't apply more credit than the price of your current subscription. 

You will need to have a saved payment method in order to use earned credit.

Once you have successfully used credit against your next billing period with the following update:

Where does this credit go?

  • Earned credit is available in the Invite Friends tab in the Account settings.

How this helps you save

  • Inviting 2 friends who are verified, earns you $6 credit that can be used against your next billing date, or to cover the total cost of your next months Basic plan.


  • 7 verified friends earns you $21 which covers the cost of 1 month of a monthly Pro plan

  • 15 verified friends earns you $45 which covers the cost of a quarterly Pro Plan

  • 22 verified friends earns you $66 which covers the cost of a semiannual Pro Plan

For any other queries, make sure to check out our help center.

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