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A Complete Guide To The Enhancv Platform: Account Settings
A Complete Guide To The Enhancv Platform: Account Settings

All you need to know about the account settings of your account

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We want to help you make the most out of our resume builder. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a few posts to guide you through the process of using Enhancv. We’ll focus on the ways you can sign up to the platform and how to setup your account to make sure you’re aware of all the benefits it has to offer.

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to the Enhancv platform quickly by using your Facebook or Linkedin profiles, or you can create an account with an email and password. Oh, and don’t forget to read and accept the Terms and Conditions in order to be able to proceed to the next step.
Sign-up from here.

What gets imported to my resume if I sign up using Linkedin or Facebook?

I know, I know, it would be great if you could import all the information to your resume right away without having to write it down. As much as technology lets us, we do our best to do things easier for you.

When you sign up using your Linkedin profile, only the very basic information will be imported. This includes your profile picture, your name, and email address. It is a bit better with Facebook, though. If you have your education and experience filled in your Facebook profile, expect all of these to be imported together with your profile picture, name, and email address.

Can my accounts be merged?

If you forget you’re already registered and register a second time by mistake, your accounts will automatically be merged – provided that the signup email is the same in both cases. If all emails you used are different, then merging your accounts will not be possible.

After these few simple steps, you are ready to go!

Account Settings

Where do I find the ‘’Account Settings’’?

You can find your account settings in the main menu in the header. Click on the Account button to see further options.

What does the ‘’Account’’ include?

In your account, you can set up the following: Profile & Passwords; Billing & Plans and Email Notifications. Let’s go through them separately.Profile & Passwords

Here you can change your profile information such as the name, industry or your password. If you logged in with your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, this option will not affect your next sign in. It changes the password you used when you signed up with the ‘’email+password’’ option.

Further down you can also find a ‘’Delete account’’ button which will easily delete your account permanently after your confirmation. Please, don’t use it – we’ll be sad to see you go. ;(

Whatever changes you make, don’t forget to save them in order to avoid typing everything in all over again.

In this sections, you can find all the information about our prices and plans

At the very bottom of the Billing page, you can find your Recent Payment History which shows all your payments in one place. Details such as the date, amount, plan, payment method and receipt are clearly displayed there.

Email Notifications

Decide whether you’d like to receive application notifications or new feature announcements by ticking/unticking the boxes.

The application notifications include notifications you get once someone left feedback on your resume, answered to your Top Strengths request, or asked you to define theirs.

In the new feature announcements, you’ll be able to receive useful information about the newest features on our platform and how to use them to get all the benefits. We also send career hacks from time to time to help you prepare for an interview or show you an example of a superhuman resume. No spam, only the cool stuff.

The choice is yours. And don’t forget to save the changes.

The only emails you can’t unsubscribe from are subscription notifications (sent a week before your subscription will be automatically renewed), password resets messages and verification e-mails.

Our Plans

There are 4 main plans you can sign up for on Enhancv platform. See the benefits they include:

Basic Plan – $4,99 /m

  • 1 Resume – you can only craft one resume.

  • Ask For Feedback feature – your friends can leave feedback on your resume after you share the unique link of your resume with them. It’s as easy as leaving sticky notes around.

  • Share Resume feature – creates a unique link to your resume and no downloading is needed.

  • Up to 15 items – you can add maximum of 15 items on your resume

  • Basic sections – these include 12 basic sections, such as the Summary, Education, Experience, Languages, Achievements, etc. Locked features have a padlock next to them and you are not able to use them while using a Free Plan. However, you can view how they look by simply clicking on them and decide whether you’d like to upgrade in order to be able to use them.

  • Part of the icons

  • Part of the colors – Remember that you can’t choose your own combination. We combined colors that complement each other and will give your resume a professional look.

  • Part of the backgrounds

  • Part of the fonts

  • 2 templates – You have a single or a double column templates available.

Monthly Pro Plan – $19,99 /m - billed every month.

  • 10 Resumes – make sure you have a slightly different resume for each job you’re applying for. You can flick through your resumes by clicking on the ‘’Dashboard’’ button in the top left corner.

  • Ask For Feedback feature

  • Share Resume feature

  • Content Analyzer feature – hit the toggle in the left-hand side menu (Show Mistakes) and the platform will advise you where to improve your wording.

  • Unlimited items, Unlimited sections, icons, color combinations, fonts, and backgrounds.

  • Templates – except for single and double column layouts, try out our compact layout and craft a one-page resume.

  • Support

  • Enhancv logo – you can remove our branding. In the left hand-side menu, click on the toggle ‘’Remove Branding’’ at the top.

Quarterly Pro Plan – $14,99 /m

This Plan includes the same benefits as the Monthly Pro Plan. An extra benefit is a cheaper price per month.
Billed every 3 months.

Semiannual Pro Plan – $10,99 /m

This Plan includes the same benefits as the Monthly Pro Plan. An extra benefit is a cheaper price per month.
Billed every 6 months.

That’s it!

Part One of our guide finishes here. I hope I provided enough details to secure a strong start with Enhancv platform for you. In the next post, we will focus on the User Interface and Menu Functions.

For any other queries, make sure to check out our help center.

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