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Need some inspiration? Try the new Tailored Suggestions feature and improve your resume

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How to use Tailored Suggestions feature

Click on the Experience title and the achievements listed under each job from your resume to get tailored suggestions.

Step 1: Click on your job title

On the left side, you'll notice a small icon. Click on it to bring up the Tailored Suggestions tooltip: 

When you start typing your position in the Title field, you'll see similar positions in the Pop-up.

You can either choose from the options provided or add it yourself, but keep in mind that title suggestions are provided based on the correct spelling of your position.

Step 2: Click on the Bullet - and you'll see the same 'hint icon' which after click will open the Pop-up menu for the experience bullet suggestions.

Selecting one of the suggestions will automatically copy and paste the text into your bullet field.

Bullets content is based on the years of experience you have. You can increase or decrease the number of years by clicking on the arrows in the top menu: 

  • To close the Pop-up - Press the Escape key - [ESC]

  • To hide the Tailored Suggestions feature -  turn it of from the Content Improvements dropdown on the top menu: 

Go try it now for free and create your stunning Resume

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