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Enhancv Pros vs Other Formats & Services
Enhancv Pros vs Other Formats & Services

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Enhancv Pros

  • High Quality PDF File can be opened easily regardless of platform

  • PDF looks the same regardless of the system it is seen on

  • PDF keeps resume from being changed accidentally or on purpose

  • Most Applicant Tracking Systems accommodate PDF files

  • PDF files do not usually have viruses

  • Resume layout and elements designed for you to stand out and be memorable

  • Templates & sections designed to highlight your achievements

  • Little to no learning curve in using the Enhancv resume editor

  • Designed to combine both a professional and personal look

  • Very easy to make changes to your resume

Cons of other formats & resume services

  • Microsoft Word has an overwhelming number of options, sometimes overshadowing the options that make the most impact on your resume

  • Prone to virus attacks (Malware)

  • While saving Word file formats, they are often larger in size due to the inclusion of unnecessary meta data

  • Limited design capabilities

  • Opening older versions of word is not possible with the latest word software (to do so can have a significant impact on the formatting and style)

  • Data can be lost due to data corruption

  • Symbols are difficult to access

  • Requires a desktop computer to edit

  • As it's the most used word processor in the world, by simply using it you are creating a resume very similar to everyone else

  • Even well formatted resumes on Word can seem bland

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