Click on the item and you'll see the following options:

B  - bold
U - underlined
I - italic

* If the options are in light gray, it means the font style of the field can’t be changed. We do this to ensure those tailored sections look great.

Variant 1: Change it after you type
You can first mark the words you want to customize with the cursor and then click on one of the three options from the top menu.
To switch off the style - mark the same words and press again the same button. 

Variant 2: Change it before you type
Click on one of the three options to switch to the font style you need and start typing.
To switch off the style - press the same option again. 


  • Try to customize only the most important text in your resume. 

  • It’s better not to customize more than 2-3 words together.

  • You should not have more than 2 different font styles in one resume. 

For other queries, make sure to check out our help center.

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