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How to Ask for Comments on your resume

How to ask-for-comments on your resume, in real time.

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Ask for Comments allows you to share your resume for comments by someone else. You won't have to worry about losing comments in threads of emails or chat discussions.

1. Within the Resume editor, on the top menu, you'll find a button sharing your resume. Click on Get Comments.

2. Once selected, you'll have an option to Get Comments or Show the Comments that has already been resolved with Show Resolved.

3. Once you select Invite to Comment, you'll get access to the link which you can send to friends. This link will give them access to your Resume, where they can leave feedback. Boom!

How does it help?

1. Avoid embarrassing typos

Spelling, punctuation errors and typos are the most common mistakes in resumes. By exposing your resume to your fellow learners, tutors or those who have worked with you, you can prevent this from happening.

2. Improving the content

Friends and professional connections can provide you a new perspective. They often bring the “Oh, I haven’t thought of that” moment.

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