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How do I add multiple positions to the same company?
How do I add multiple positions to the same company?

Showing promotions: multiple positions in the same company

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If you have worked many years in the same company and you have gone through different positions, here’s a way to describe it on your resume.

Hide company name in order to reduce repetition

Do you want to only show the company name once, in order to make the resume more compact? This takes some setting-up - this video shows how:

Listing multiple positions

1. Add all the different positions in new items under the Experience section: 

2. Arrange the positions from the most recent to the oldest one. 

3. You need to write the company description only for the first item: 

4. Hide the company description for the rest of the positions:

Want to save more space in your resume and you don’t have to add entries for different companies? 

- Leave the Company name of your most recent position (the first one) only and hide it for the rest. However, we still recommend you to keep it even if it’s repeating, for a well-rounded experience!

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