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How to cancel your plan?
How to cancel your plan?

How to cancel your plan/subscription and future charges.

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Step 1

Select the Billing button on the top right corner after clicking on your profile or go directly to this link:

Step 2

Click the "Cancel Subscription" link

Step 3

Take the poll and Click on "Cancel subscription" link

his poll is really important for us. We'd love to know why you're cancelling your plan so we can make Enhancv better. 

Step 4

After a successful cancellation of your subscription you will receive the following pop-up: 

and also an email with cancellation confirmation: 

Please make sure to check if your cancellation has been successful. You can either check your email box for the email confirmation or check your Enhancv profile:

Once you’ve cancelled you won’t be charged again, but you are responsible for all previously incurred charges. You can always download your resumes from the platform but in order to edit them you'll have to resubscribe again to a plan.

For other queries, make sure to check out our help center.

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